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Maternal comfort during childbirth should be a collective responsibility involving the Midwife, Obstetrician, Obstetric Anaesthesiologist and Neonatologist hence the need for the subspecialty association.

The seed that gave birth to SOAN (formerly LOAN) was planted by Prof. S. Amanor-Boadu in April 2011 during the Fellowships Examinations of the West African College of Surgeons when she engaged Professors Charles Imarengiaye and Sotonye Fyneface-Ogan on the need to commence a subspecialty association.

This vision was promptly put into reality when in the September 2012 the first meeting of the Association was held at the Marriot Hotels and Suites, Port Harcourt. The meeting was well attended by new members and friends of Obstetric Anaesthesia. Since then, the association has held four meetings. The fifth meeting was truncated by electoral process in the host State while the 6th meeting incorporated into the 6th All African Anaesthesiologists Conference held at Abuja.

Following the request from the Corporate Affairs Commission, the name LOAN was changed to Society of Obstetric Anaesthetists of Nigeria (SOAN) while retaining former documents. The association is now 7 years old!


SOAN is an affiliate of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists (NSA) – a parent organisation of all Licensed Anaesthetists practising in Nigeria.

SOAN is growing from strength to strength and is partnering with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Nigeria (SOGON) and Paediatric Association of Nigeria Conference (PANCOF) for collaboration to give maternal comfort during pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-delivery period. The members are available to partner with other sister organisations in the management of high parturients.

Core Values

SOAN is dedicated to the advancement of care of high risk parturients during pregnancy, and childbirth and, the betterment of its membership.

The Society values:

  • Access for all high risk parturient to quality safe health care
  • Professionalism to our membership as manifested in high ethical standards.
  • Advocacy for women and our members in our role as the authority on the specialty of pain relief during childbirth

Mission Statement

The Society of Obstetric Anaesthetists of Nigeria (SOAN) is dedicated to the advancement of women’s health care during pregnancy, labour and delivery and the professional and socioeconomic interests of its members through advocacy, practice, continuing medical education, and research.


SOAN will provide the highest quality education in Nigeria and beyond, continuously improve health care for high risk women during pregnancy, childbirth and in the immediate post-delivery period through international best practices and research, lead advocacy and provide excellent organizational support and services for its members.

National Executive

  1. Prof. Sotonye Fyneface-Ogan – National President
  2. Prof. Elizabeth Ogboli-Nwasor – Secretary
  3. Dr. Job Gogo Otokwala – Assistant Secretary
  4. Dr. Theophilus M. Odagme – National Treasurer
  5. Prof. Yemi Olufolabi – Special US Rep
  6. Dr. Janet Ada Ejiofor – Special UK Rep

Board of Trustee Members

  1. Prof. Sotonye Fyneface-Ogan
  2. Prof. Elizabeth Ogboli-Nwasor
  3. Prof. Nosakhare Philomena Edomwonyi
  4. Prof. Adeyemi John Olufolabi
  5. Prof. Abullahi Randawa
  6. Prof. Thomas Udagbor Agan